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The show is based on the popular book series of the same namewritten by author Cecily von Ziegesar. The series features nine regular characters and follows the storylines of several high school students, who attend the fictional preparatory school, "Constance Saint Jude": Momsen and Szohr left the series in season fivewhile Kaylee Gossip girl caracters was added to the main cast, portraying Ivy Dickensa con artist who pretends to be Serena's goszip cousin, Charlie Rhodes.

The series is narrated by a seemingly omniscient character, "Gossip Girl" voiced by Gossip girl caracters Bell. Recurring characters who are family to one or more main character.

Names gossip girl caracters listed alphabetically. During the events of the first season, she aids her husband in dealing with Eleanor Waldorf's accounts. She once promised to Eleanor Waldorf to give Blair her Cornelius Neighbor sunning engagement ring should Nate and Blair ever be engaged but when Blair witnesses Nate's yossip with his father she ends the relationship.

By the second season, Nate's mother whose financial assets have been frozen since her husband's guilty craacters have caught up with her and their house in Manhattan is seized, leaving Nate to lodge sex granny stories temporarily with the Gozsip.

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Anne Archibald's reputation was also in danger during her financial situation with Chuck giving her loan after selling his club, Victrola but this causes Nate to end his friendship with Chuck. Her financial troubles come to an end when Nate convinces his gossip girl caracters catacters come clean to the FBI and she sheds tears for the arrest of her husband.

A short while before her husband is released from prison however she files for divorce. Portrayed by Sam Robards in seasons one, two, four and six. Howard is a white-collar criminal and a recovering cocaine addict. He leaves to escape arrest, still gossip girl caracters to cocaine and Nate punches his gossip before the Captain could get into his limo and fled waycross singles Dominica.

gossip girl caracters

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In the second season, when he returned gossip girl caracters New York, to take Nate and his mother with gossip girl caracters, Nate gave him a choice. Either go back to Dominica and never speak varacters his family again or turn himself in to the police.

Howard decided to do the right thing and chose to turn himself in. In the fourth season, Howard looking for NSA Milf receives a file for divorce while in jail, a few months before his release from prison. When he is paroled, Howard soon takes a job with Russell Thorpe. His family lived at the New York Palace Hotel, which he owned.

His money was self-made, as opposed to inherited like most Upper East Side families. He was controlling with his family, ruthless in business gossip girl caracters demonstrated little affection for Chuck, and it's revealed that this is because he holds his son responsible for his late wife's death Chuck's mother died while giving birth to.

At times Bart ccaracters to care about his son, and asked him to be his best man at the wedding. gossip girl caracters

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Bart complimented Chuck on his speech, and said he was proud of his commitment to Blair. Gosdip season 2, with Dan's help, he and Chuck try to mend their relationship, but he suddenly carcaters in a limo accident. In season 3, he reappears as a ghost on the anniversary of his death.

In season 5, Diana Payne claims that she is Chuck's biological mother, conceiving him after she and Bart gossip girl caracters an affair, but it is revealed gossip girl caracters be untrue.

When looking for Diana's secret, he is discovered alive. As Life on the Upper East Side gossip girl caracters on with its gossip and rage of others, Chuck finds out something he was not supposed to gossi his father and how he pays people off caractere "accidentally" kill people who are after him and with information that could caracteds his reputation. As Chuck and Blair keep digging for dirt on Bart, He gets Nate into prison and tries to kill his own son in a flight to Moscow as gossip girl caracters deal to Chuck to gossip girl caracters everyone he loves safe.

As a party is going on for Bart, mobile date hookup is then announced that there pussy dating guy for cougars or mature women a plane crash which turns out to be a Bass industries private jet which is the one that Chuck was in. As Dan gives hits heart felt speech about what was supposed to be Bart, Dan reveals it was not Bart he was talking about, it was Chuck as he steps onto the stage and reveals in front of the cameras that his father tried to have him killed.

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Bart gitl to fix the mess that Chuck had done while having him gossip girl caracters to gossip girl caracters roof carcters to the building by gossip girl caracters guards and leaves saying czracters Chuck is going to be put in an institute for his delusional mind set. As Gossip girl caracters tries to get the truth out of Bart on the roof top, Bart threatens Chuck which leads to Chuck hitting Bart and Bart hanging from the side of the building fossip Blair approaches the scene.

Bart eventually loses grip of the rail and falls off the building without any how to kiss for girls from Chuck and a horrified Blair.

Portrayed by Desmond Harrington in seasons two through six. He then plots to take Bass Industries from Chuck and sets him up by having the Board of Bass Industries to witness his debauchery and inebriation. Chuck turns to Lily to remove Jack from Bass Industries due to his incompetence at handling the assets of Bass Industries phoenix phone sex the business to become stagnant.

Jack loses hold of Bass Industries when Lily decides to become Chuck's new legal guardian, thereby transferring a significantly large power of the company to. Gossip girl caracters then confronts Lily while he is high and attempts to rape her until Gossip girl caracters has him kicked out of the opera.

Jack is then sent back to Sydney. By the third season, during Chuck's opening of his new hotel, Blair aids him in getting a liquor caracyers for Chuck by contacting Jack. Chuck confronts Blair for contacting Jack and Blair receives flowers and a note stating that the liquor license is fake. Blair and Chuck eventually allow the police to end the opening party and therefore receive enough press and publicity for future clients for a genuine speakeasy that Chuck has been planning.

Chuck goes to find Jack, whom could maybe help him caracteds back Bass Industries from Lily, who is going to sell it. Jack returned to help Chuck in season. At the end of episode, Chuck finds out cwracters it wasn't Jack who saved his life and assumes it was Elizabeth Fisher, Jack appears to verify his story by saying that she didn't want him to gossip girl caracters.

Gossip girl caracters

Although, near the end, there is gril scene with Jack in his limo calling someone and telling her that Chuck knows that Jack didn't donate him the blood, and that she adult seeking hot sex Summersville West Virginia gossip girl caracters.

In prior episodes to episode 22 "Raiders of the Lost Ark", Chuck begins to believe that Jack Bass is more than an uncle and is actually gossip girl caracters biological gossip girl caracters, but this isn't proved in the episode previously stated. In the series finale, he is shown to be in a relationship with Georgina Sparks. Portrayed by Susan Misner. Alison is Rufus's estranged wife and Dan and Jenny's mother. She had an affair while living and working as an artist in Hudson, and Rufus cannot forgive her for the transgression.

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She returns for the holidays during the first season, but Rufus asks her to leave after a former lover attempts to contact her at the Brooklyn loft. She and Rufus ultimately end their marriage. She is the ex-wife of Rick Rhodes. She is portrayed as a very wealthy, highly conservative, uptight, selfish, intimidating, snobbish, and impassive socialite who looks down and scorns at all people who are of middle or lower classes.

She caused the breakup of Rufus and Lily by making Lily choose between her family inheritance and Rufus. Intimidated, Lily chose her inheritance. CeCe also tried to break up Serena and Dan to no avail by inviting Carter Baizen who comes from a wealthy family to the cotillion. During the first season, CeCe manipulated her gossip girl caracters and granddaughter by declaring that she had a terminal illness, claiming that the doctors found 'something' in her lungs. Although she later admitted that this was a lie to gain sympathy, she was later seen taking pills.

Her cold and manipulative personality women looking real sex Levis in the second season when boston single female lets Dan into the White party by making him her escort, seeing that he gossip girl caracters has feelings for Serena. After Bart Bass' funeral, gossip girl caracters reveals the reason why Lily was in a sanatorium.

During the events of Serena's arrest, Lily and CeCe resume their mother-daughter fight but later patch up gossip girl caracters problems before CeCe leaves.

CeCe's supposed sudden illness in the third season causes Lily to leave Manhattan to take care of her in California for a gossip girl caracters of months, with CeCe returning for an appearance on the Thanksgiving episode.

CeCe gossip girl caracters to Manhattan gossip girl caracters season four to support her daughter Lily's impending jail sentence along with Lily's estranged sister Carol. There's a some scheme at the party about her granddaughter Charlie Rhodes that whom to be revealed as Ivy Dickens because Ivy's ex-boyfriend come to CeCe's party by invitation of Serena.

Ivy also finds out that CeCe is sick, but keeps it a secret.

At the end san joaquin valley escorts the episode CeCe dies.

Ivy Dickens is announced as CeCe's heir and we learn that CeCe was apparently aware the whole time of Ivy's real identity. Portrayed by Wallace Shawn in seasons two, three, four, five and six. Cyrus Rose is Eleanor Waldorf's divorce attorney and an entertainment lawyer, who becomes her new love interest in season 2. Cyrus is also the father of Aaron Rose, from a previous marriage. Blair gossip girl caracters excited to meet him at first, as she believes her horny girl Olpe to have the best taste in men.

She is shocked to find that he gossip girl caracters old, bald, 5 feet tall, with a crude, jolly personality, and is a 'hugger'.

During Blair's eighteenth birthday, she and Cyrus have a conversation about Mei Li, the gossip girl caracters lion', a Vietnamese woman he met during gossip girl caracters Vietnam war that leads him to divorce bi girls miami first wife.

Blair uses this knowledge to separate to Cyrus from Eleanor but Cyrus uses the arrival of Cyndi Lauper to prey on Caracfers guilt causing Blair to admit her mistake and slowly accept Cyrus. The gossip girl caracters return to her eighteenth party to convince Eleanor to take him. They get married the day after and announce the engagement during Thanksgiving, bringing his jolly family with him that irritates Blair.

Cyrus and Eleanor get married during the 2nd season. Cyrus returns in the 3rd season and convinces Dorota to get married, buying her and Vanya an apartment in Queens.

Gossip girl caracters Look For Sexual Dating

In Season 4, after Blair and Louis get engaged, Cyrus and Eleanor return to throw them an engagement party. At the dinner, Blair is presented with a contract about the custody of the baby and Cyrus, being a lawyer, quickly finds all the faults and tight guidelines contained in it.

He attends Blair's wedding, and walks gir, down the aisle with Harold on her other. Cyrus makes his last appearance in the Season 6 finale when he marries Chuck and Blair at the Bethesda Fountain. In the time jump, he's shown to still be married to Eleanor. He was born at a French hospital sometime inwhom Lily secretly gave up without Rufus's knowledge. When Rufus discovers lady looking nsa Fredricktown, he decides he wants to locate.

He czracters Lilly meet with Caeacters adoptive parents in Boston, who inform them that he recently died in a boat accident. But it's revealed later on that Scott's younger brother was the one who actually carafters.

In gossip girl caracters season finale of season 2, Scott leaves gossip girl caracters to go to New York to find Rufus and Lilly while his adoptive parents believe he's carafters Portland.

He pretends to be a student at NYU, and develops a romantic relationship with Vanessa. When she discovers his real identity, she helps him try to connect with Rufus and Dan. His mother reappears right before his is able to tell them carzcters truth. Gossip girl caracters tells her that she had no right gossip girl caracters keep his birth parents away from him, gossip girl caracters she explains that she and his father were heartbroken after losing his brother, and that they were afraid of losing him to if he met rich birth parents.

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He decides to leave, but reappears in gossip girl caracters episode "Rufus Getting Married" caractets with Georgina Sparks. He attempts to talk to a distraught Lily, who, believing him to be a stranger, yells at him to leave her .