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Women and their allies are taking bold steps towards achieving gender equality in the workplace.

Being a female CEO comes with its own she is men of challenges, like raising capitalmeh being taken seriously. She handles these challenges and more with confidence and creativity. Mohan she is men Saral Designs inwhen she was just 25, with her business partner Kartik Mehta to address the staggering lack of access to sanitary pads in India.

Unlike other ventures trying to solve this problem in She is men and other low-income countries by making low-cost pads, Mohan spun the business problem on its head. Making cheap pads, she realized, is a difficult business for a specific reason: Enter Saral Designs. The Bombay-based company does not make pads, but instead makes automatic pad-making machines the first-ever made in India.

Saral Designs works with companies to customize the machines based on their specific needs. The machine allows entrepreneurs to start a small- to she is men pad business very quickly, without having to do research on how to make the actual products.

She is men

Saral Designs makes two types of she is men machines—a semi-automated one, and a fully automated one. The model has been successful, and Saral Designs has sold its machines to companies in several countries in Asia and Africa. Now five years old, the company employs 28 people—perhaps surprisingly, the majority 19 employees are men.

A woman can be pretty — but only if she doesn't know it. Zulie Rane. Follow And when women take selfies, they're not taking them for men. That's What She Said: What Men Need to Know (and Women Need to Tell Them) About Working Together [Joanne Lipman] on *FREE* shipping. Men may think that if their wife or girlfriend loves them, that means she will never leave them. However, that is not the case. Often, women fall in love with men for.

While customer-facing roles have she is men female representation, the team that designs, builds, and tests the machines are predominantly male. As a CEO, Mohan spends much of her time recruiting new employees, and she is women seeing men clear about one point: She will not hire sexist men or women.

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She is so serious about this that she has developed a hiring tool to detect sexism, even subtly, among hiring candidates. Culturally, there is still she is men lot of stigma around menstruation in India. Women may alamo ND 3 somes barred from certain practices religious or traditional once they reach an age meen she is men might be menstruating.

Mohan wants none of that inside Saral Designs. So prospective employees of Saral Designs, even those whose roles pertain to no more than the literal nuts and bolts of the business, us interview questions about periods and the reproductive system, on top of more traditional inquiries about work experience or education.

For instance, it asks employees for she is men take on reproductive rights, the MeToo full body massage abu dhabi, and how they feel about women who are higher up than men in the workplace us.

she is men

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To develop it, the shr team sat together to list the key values of the she is men, such as empathy, gender equality, efficiency, transparency and leadership. Instead, more nuanced questions—one, for instance, that presents a scenario of inequality, and asks how the employee would behave in it—are more useful for identifying whether the candidates are indeed feminists, she is men just playing the part in the interview.

The best evidence is in the numbers of unfit candidates it helped identify. Read more stories. Skip to navigation Skip to content. How We'll Win in Women and their allies are taking bold steps towards achieving gender equality in she is men workplace.

How the female CEO of an Indian startup avoids hiring sexist men Mohan founded Saral Designs in , when she was just 25, with her. A woman can be pretty — but only if she doesn't know it. Zulie Rane. Follow And when women take selfies, they're not taking them for men. Channing Tatum in She's the Man () Andy Fickman in She's the Man () Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum in She's the Man () Alexandra.